Data Capture

INS Data is a leading solution provider for online data capture and data processing services. We specialize in online data entry services from simple data capture, compilation from web sites, e-books, business card, catalog and form processing.

Web Keying

Online Data Entry involves Keying/Capturing Data from web sites, it allows enhanced security, control and measurability over the outsourced process and faster access to your information through immediate turnaround times.

Our Process

We have dedicated teams to perform on your online data entry, online data scraping, website data extraction or real time data extraction projects. Our professionals are adept at extracting diverse type of data from an assortment of online sources easily and accurately. With powerful Internet Line we can perform any type of online work which requires higher bandwidth.

Benefits of Online Data Entry

INS Data offers unparalleled services. Here is a list of benefits you can reap from our online data entry outsourcing services.

Time-Zone benefits: If you outsource your data entry work to India, your office will work for you 24/7. And that too will be at a low cost.

  • ⚫ Quick Turnaround time
  • ⚫ Enhanced Data Security, control over the data.
  • ⚫ Better Disaster Management.

Online Data Entry

Online Data Entry permits firms to let their work to remote location and also to different geographical locations, which reduces the operating cost and also facilitates quick turnaround time.

Types of Online Data Entry Services

  • ⚫ Online Data Entry of any forms
  • ⚫ Web Mining / Data Collection from Web
  • ⚫ Web Research
  • ⚫ Online Data Scrapping from any Websites
  • ⚫ Keying at Remote Desktop
  • ⚫ Online form processing
  • ⚫ Online indexing
  • ⚫ Online data conversion