Optical Character Recognition

Data has the power to drive businesses to certain success. However, this data needs to be easily retrievable in an electronic format for maximized value to be generated from it. In the case of scanned documents with printed, typewritten or handwritten text, retyping data from the document or its scan into a computer to make it editable is an extremely time-consuming task, which can distract your employees from focusing on core competencies. INS Data offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services that can convert data in a scanned document into an editable format, thereby improving your workflow and productivity.

Consistent High Quality Results

Our OCR services are designed taking into account the limitations of technology. After capturing the data, we compare the original documents with the OCR files and rectify any misinterpreted characters. The Quality Assurance (QA) team at INS Data conducts a detailed analysis to guarantee that the format has been retained and there is consistency between the original and OCR files.

OCR data conversion services include

  • ☞ Application forms, Bank Statements and Survey Forms
  • ☞ Salary Slips, Address Labels and Tax Forms
  • ☞ Insurance, Healthcare and Banking Claims
  • ☞ Directories, Magazines, Manuscripts, Journals and Periodicals
  • ☞ OCR data conversion for Internet Publishing

OCR Technology

OCR is a technology through which various kinds of pictorial and textual data can be read, analyzed and organized into an electronic format. It is usually used in tandem with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), and plays an important role in back office data management.

Service Available

  • ⚫ Hand Print OCR
  • ⚫ Cursive OCR
  • ⚫ ASCII, RTF text files OCR
  • ⚫ Internet publishing OCR
  • ⚫ Digital Documents OCR
  • ⚫ Typewritten OCR
  • ⚫ Books Scanning
  • ⚫ Graphics / Images Scanning