Guaranteed Accuracy Levels Exceeding Industry Standards

The measure of a databases usability is its accuracy, speed and ease of use. At INS Data Services we understand this, which is why our specially trained operators along with cutting-edge software tools allow us to create flawless databases from your data. We guarantee 100% structural and 99.995% accuracy levels

Cost Competitive

We have access to an extremely large, yet relatively inexpensive, pool of highly skilled and educated personnel. This allows us to deliver unmatched quality at extremely competitive prices.

Fast Turnaround

Data is transferred to and from our production facilities via high-speed data transfer links to the Internet. This enables us to cut the turnaround time to as little as 12 hours from the initial receipt of materials.

Rapid Turnaround Service

To meet the requirements of our most demanding customers, we offer the rapid turnaround service. This service is ideally suited to those customers who require tight turnaround times of 24 hours or less. Images of the data to be captured are transferred to our FTP servers at the end of the business day and are ready for delivery the next morning.

Technology and Software Tools

Over the years, INS Data Services engineers have developed several proprietary software systems and tools that allow for developing customized solutions for any project. We routinely draw upon this extensive and growing collection of proprietary software to develop parsers and checking and conversion systems that are specific to the requirements of a particular project to ensure the highest data integrity possible. We also have in-house software to programmatically verify standard markup such as SGML and HTML.

Customized Solutions

INS Data Services understands that every data conversion project has individual requirements that need customized solutions. Especially so, since most data has been created over several years, by various organizations and people and, in its raw form, does not lend itself to computerized search and analysis. Our innovative approach to data conversion, combining the best of human skills with the latest in technology, ensures that you get a database system that is accurate, fast and easy to use.

Trained Team Members

At INS Data Services, people are recognized as a key resource, and that is why great emphasis is laid on first, recruiting the right people, and then, constantly training and retraining them. Apart from regular training programs, operators and proofreaders at INS Data Services undergo special job-specific training before they begin work on any project. This ensures that they thoroughly understand the requirements of each project at hand.

Highly Educated Workforce

All team members in INS Data Services are highly literate in various field of computer science. Most possess postgraduate degrees, and some are currently enrolled in part-time doctoral programs.