Data Conversion Services

INS Data provides reliable and accurate Data Conversion Service. Our expertise are well versed of handling both complex and cost sensitive data conversion projects gives us the extra edge over our competitors in the field. We use the latest conversion tools; guaranteeing you accuracy, efficiency & reliability.

XML Conversion

Extensible Markup Language or XML is a language set of rules for coding of document data for representing arbitrary data. It has existed around different platforms after its conception for quite a long time though its widespread use was not exploited until recent years. XML emphasizes on simplicity, flexibility, feasibility, versatility, accessibility and usability for transforming multi format data into XML to be presented on the internet.

We can convert and provide support format for a wide variety of formats like Text, Wordprocessing software namely Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect, MS Excel, HTML, PDF, RTF, .CSV, DOC to XML, XLS to XML, Delimited to XML. For conversion of these formats, source data is required. We shall cater to all your XML conversion needs regardless of nature of source information you bring to us which can be from hard bound books, fax, journals, catalogs, newspaper, magazines, print outs. XML allows preserving various styles of formats, layouts, indexes and links during modification.

PDF Conversion

PDF is convertible from/to any possible format, language or image. Large corporations utilize this format to create company documents with its support to be posted online for information/data transfer. Owing to its disparate advantages in many areas, it is essential to avail top quality PDF conversion service for appropriate and organized structuring of PDF content among several formats.

    We render a variety of PDF Conversion services innumerous formats as follows:-

  • ⚫ Hand written documents/Hardcopy into PDF
  • ⚫ Brochures/ Books/ Catalogs/ Company reports/ Marketing collaterals/ Journals to PDF
  • ⚫ Any type of Images to PDF and vice versa.
  • ⚫ Microfiche/Microfilms into PDF format
  • ⚫ XML, XHTML, SGML, HTML or any other language to PDF and vice versa.
  • ⚫ In Design/Quark/Pagemaker/Framemaker to PDF
  • ⚫ Scanning and conversion of documents or images to PDF
  • ⚫ Conversion of documents stored in data storage devices such as CD/DVD, pen drives etc to PDF
Book Conversion

Book Conversion refers to the ability or practice adopted to digitize data from printed format to electronic files. We are one of the top book conversion service providers on a global basis. Our services are open for format of your e-book and for providing solutions for online publishing and eBook conversion. Our skilled set of professionals are highly adept for your book conversion needs on a large scale may it be hard copy or soft copy without compromising quality and delivery deadline. This can highly cut down on valuable capacious space taken up by paper documents, books, journals etc. As an effect, it provides for efficient distribution, storage, archiving, auditability, retrievability, tracking of information and most of all saves on costs.

    Book Conversion Services contain:-

  • ⚫ Conversion of books, magazines and catalogues
  • ⚫ E-Publishing conversion services
  • ⚫ E-Research and scholarly papers conversion services
  • ⚫ Online magazine conversion services
  • ⚫ E-Book conversion services
  • ⚫ E-Journals conversion services
  • ⚫ E-Brochures conversion services
  • ⚫ Assistance for online publishing

We can also convert books in printed layout or any form of paper-based data, catalogs, articles, magazines, manuscripts etc. Additionally we employ scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark reading (OMR), and intelligent character recognition (ICR) techniques for effective capture. We sustain different formats for margins or borders, page numbers, headings, paragraphs, quotations, credentials, analogue, endnotes etc and also facilitate image input, image edit, image color etc. We can incorporate pictorial representations or illustrations in your converted e-book.


Document Conversion Services

We can convert any format of data that you provide us and develop data structures and create databases for SQL Server and MS Access, including indexes, triggers and stored procedures.We have Top of the Range Data Conversion Tools for data that exists in printed form. We provide conversion services between various file and media formats, including articles, magazines, newspapers using microfiche, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark reading (OMR), XML, and intelligent character recognition (ICR) techniques.

Our Main Services Includes

  • ⚫ Data Conversion
  • ⚫ Document Conversion
  • ⚫ XML Conversion
  • ⚫ PDF Conversion
  • ⚫ SGML Conversion
  • ⚫ HTML Conversion
  • ⚫ Catalog Conversion
  • ⚫ Book Conversion
  • ⚫ Ebook Conversion